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Whats really important?
Creating comfortable home essentials isn’t an easy task. There are several components that go into crafting supremely soft bedding and luxuriously absorbent towels. However, the most important part of the production process boils down to the fibers and the way in which those fibers are spun.


Fabrics derived from long-staple cotton result in a more long-lasting and luxurious product. Our long-staple cotton consists of fine quality as it is spun into even finer threads, which is then woven into smoother, stronger, and more radiant textiles. Cotton has the ability to hold heat and allow cool air to pass, therefore is a preferred option for all seasons.


Linen is derived from a flax plant and is considered to be the oldest natural fabric. Sourced from the finest mills, our linen collection is known to be of artisanal quality. Linen also has cooling tendencies, so if you’re a hot sleeper then our linen sheets would be an ideal fit.

Lightweight & Crisp or Soft & Shiny?

After we’ve finalized our fibers, the weave of those fibers is the next most important thing. A weave directly reflects a product’s texture and appearance. Weaves can be characterized as Percale or Sateen.


Percale weaving involves a one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under process. This means that the weave itself is fairly tight, allowing for a long lifecycle. Our percale weave is lightweight, crisp, and cool with a pre-washed finish to enhance the softness of the sheet. It grows softer with each wash and tends to be more breathable.


Sateen weaving involves a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over process. Essentially, this creates an increase in thread exposure which gives these sheets a shiny look. Our sateen weave has a supple and silky-smooth hand feel that is a bit heavier than our percale weave sheets, making it perfect for all-season use.


Our bath products are slightly more versatile. We’ve sourced our luxury bath goods from artisanal mills across the globe, so that we could cater to all of your preferences. All of our towels consist of decadent long-staple cotton, but the main difference lies in the finishing.