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About Us

Ever is a contemporary home essentials brand founded on the values of quality, knowledge, experience, and value. With over 50 years of combined experience in the textiles industry, we’ve got a pretty tight grip on the true value of home essentials--which is what led us to launch Ever Essentials. Ever has three core mantras:
1) We see home goods as an essential key to living a better life.

2) Quality should not compromise the price. Ever.

3) You leave with a sense of fulfillment in your pocket and your heart.
Having a global perspective on our factory partnerships enable us to offer quality products, cost-effective price points, and a fine-tuned shopping experience, as illustrated below.

Experience Driven

Our aim is to provide a seamless and convenient shopping experience by allowing you to easily mix-and-match products.

Design Driven

Our in-house design team carefully curates new products that add a minimal yet stylish feel to your home.

Value Driven

We strive to offer quality essentials at a price conscious atmosphere and to inspire moments of optimism that leave you fulfilled.

Customer Driven

We put the customer first in everything we do, which is why quality and comfort are at the heart of all our products.
Giving Back
At Ever, we believe that home goods should inspire moments of optimism and well-being. Therefore, giving back isn’t a tacky marketing ploy— but rather a fundamental component of our identity.

A portion of our sales are donated to various charities around our factory partnerships. However, we also pride ourselves on directly impacting the communities around us, which is why for every $100 spent during our seasonal sale, we will donate 1 comforter set to one of our charity partners (updates coming shortly).