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The Essential Difference: Linen

What is Linen? 
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we can all agree that we know what linen is. Yes-- it's usually your go-to summertime shirt, but lately there have been numerous other products that contain linen. Linen is marked as a luxury staple across the world. Derived from the flax plant, linen is a luxurious fiber that has been used for centuries. Predominantly known as the world’s toughest natural fiber, linen is durable and strong-- which leads to its longevity. Here’s what makes our linen different.

The Essential Difference?
Due to the creation process of linen sheets, linen has naturally-occurring cooling properties. Linen is also naturally tough and durable-- which means most linen sheets take a few months to open up and to actually feel soft and supple. However, our process is what makes our linen stand out from the rest! We’ve taken our 100% flax linen and blended it with percale cotton, in order to create a sheet/duvet that is immediately soft and supple, but that still retains the cool and crisp feel of linen. 

We’ve taken two of the world’s best fabrics (percale cotton and flax linen) and blended them together during the manufacturing process to create a sheet/duvet that retains the cooling and crisp nature of linen, while providing the immediate soft and supple feel of percale cotton.

Benefits of our Linen?
Due to the blending of Flax Linen and Percale Cotton, our linen sheets and duvets wrinkle significantly less than 100% linen sheets. Also linen is durable in itself, so when you combine that with tightly-woven percale sheets, you’ll notice that your sheets last way longer and tend to resist piling! And lastly, linen tends to wick moisture away which allows your body to breathe more so compared to other fabrics.

Who should buy Linen? 
Known for its superior cooling properties, linen is perfect for those hot summers or hot sleepers! Linen is already known as the most breathable fabric-- add tightly-woven percale sheets to the mix, and you’re set for the ultimate experience of breathability and crisp hotel-like comfort. 

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