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How to Properly Care for Your Sheets

As much as everyone would love to just follow what’s on our care label, it doesn’t cover the details that help increase your sheet’s life (hence why its important to follow our blog/newsletter ;) ). When done correctly, these components will help increase your sheet’s longevity.

Your laundering care should be fairly straightforward. Be sure to wash all your sheets in cold or warm water and use a gentle cycle. Your sheets will also get better and better with each wash, so be sure to wash your sheets every other week. We recommend substituting sets every week in order to preserve the quality

When drying, you can never go wrong with the line-drying method for your sheets. However, if you prefer to machine-dry, make sure you tumble-dry using a warm and gentle cycle. We also recommend using wool dryer balls, instead of dryer sheets.

  • Separate colors
  • Use liquid detergent
  • Wash with warm or cold water
  • Tumble dry (warm & gentle cycle)
  • Be sure to wash linen fabrics on its own
  • Remember to take out your sheets as soon as the drying cycle is completed to minimize wrinkles