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Exploring our Bath Essentials

If you’re reading this, you have most likely experienced our bath essentials. If not, well we hope this post convinces you to! Our essential bath collection is comprised of Turkish Towels, Zero-Twist Towels, and even Vintage-Washed towels.

Whether you shower in the morning or in the night, we all understand that shower time is sacred. You could have had the worst day in the office, or received a bad grade in Professor Snape’s potion class, but stepping in that shower almost drains all your worries away. With that said, it's pretty important that your bath essentials not only get the job done, but amplify your overall experience.

Let’s talk preferences. Our essential turkish towels are 700GSM which means that they weigh heavier than your typical towel and absorb water at a faster rate. If you’re looking to combine peak luxury and superior absorbency, then these towels and you will go together like PB&J. In terms of washing, we recommend every 3 days with cold water and minimal detergent. In terms of drying, we recommend line-drying your towels until damp and finishing it off in the dryer (Tumble-Dry Low).

Our zero-twist towels are constructed with luxe long-staple cotton with no-twisting involved, which means a plush, soft, and highly-absorbent bath towel. The zero-twist process reveals more of the fiber’s surface, which leads to it’s premier softness. As for washing and drying, make sure to follow the same instructions as above.

Our founder’s favorite: the denim-washed towel set. One of the best attributes of these towels is that they are immensely different then all the other towels, in terms of design. Durable and exceptionally absorbent, the fibers are combed (adds softness)  and then weaved into a classic terry finishing. We’ve also washed these towels with a denim-like natural solution that gives these towels its amazing look.

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