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Holiday Essentials that will impress your Relatives.

Nov 27, 19

Ah. Our favorite time of the year. The weather is changing, the clothes are bundling, and the home is “sprucing” (yes, we just made a new word--always innovating here at Ever). The Holidays are a time of joy and we know it’s also time to deck out your home. I...

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The Essential Difference: Linen

Jul 22, 19

What is Linen? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we can all agree that we know what linen is. Yes-- it's usually your go-to summertime shirt, but lately there have been numerous other products that contain linen. Linen is marked as a luxury staple across the world. Derived from the...

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How to Properly Care for Your Sheets

Mar 05, 19

As much as everyone would love to just follow what’s on our care label, it doesn’t cover the details that help increase your sheet’s life (hence why its important to follow our blog/newsletter ;) ). When done correctly, these components will help increase your sheet’s longevity. WashingYour laundering care should...

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Essentials for Paradise

Dec 20, 18

The Paradise fires in California were severely devastating and affected more than 15,000 people. This tragic disaster caused thousands of homes to perish and resulted in thousands more left homeless. Therefore, it’s crucial that those affected receive the essentials they need. As a Los Angeles-based startup, this one strikes close...

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Exploring our Bath Essentials

Dec 04, 18

If you’re reading this, you have most likely experienced our bath essentials. If not, well we hope this post convinces you to! Our essential bath collection is comprised of Turkish Towels, Zero-Twist Towels, and even Vintage-Washed towels. Whether you shower in the morning or in the night, we all understand...

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Understanding Your Sleep Preferences

Dec 02, 18

Here’s an interesting statistic for all of our lovely followers: on average, we sleep for ⅓ of our life or to put it into perspective, about 25 years of our life is spent sleeping (you’re probably wondering what you’ve done with your life, don’t worry--you’re not alone). Therefore, it's a...

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What Makes Ever Different?

Nov 28, 18

If you made it here, we first want to say thank you. We know we’re a young company, but we pride ourselves on curating your home and bath essentials that will leave you fulfilled--in both your pocket and your heart. Our approach is simple: we put the customer first in...

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